Rules of entry & eligibility

  • For the purposes of these awards the word “building” includes any structure – whether new, restored, rehabilitated or converted – that contains an element of executed design work.
  • All the projects on the panel must have been designed by an individual architect or architectural firm whose principals are registered with ARB. Except for the Interior design category, which is open to members of the British Institute of Interior Design and the Masterplanning & Public Realm category, which is open to landscape architects.
  • Practices can enter as many categories as they wish to.
  • A minimum of TWO and a maximum of FOUR projects should be entered into each category. Your entry should reflect a body of work in a particular area, e.g. housing.
  • Only one completed building or project from outside the UK can be entered.

How to enter

  1. Click on ‘Enter Now’ to be taken to the online entry system
  2. Register with your email address and enter the details for your practice
  3. Select your categories – you can enter as many as you like
  4. Complete the summary of your projects and why your practice should win
  5. Upload your electronic presentation (please see below for more information about the format of the presentation)
  6. Submit and pay for your entry(ies)
  7. Once you have completed the online entry system, please send us a memory stick that includes your electronic presentation and high resolution jpeg images of all the individual images used in the presentation.

Your entry presentation

Please prepare your entry as electronic A1 scale landscape presentation panels in pdf format.

  • A maximum of TWO panels showing a minimum of TWO and a maximum of FOUR projects should be submitted
  • Please include the name of the practice and the title of the category you are entering on your entry
  • Please make a clear distinction between completed projects and uncompleted or unbuilt work including the completion dates. You may choose to use separate boards to display the two types
  • For each project in the entry, please include:
    • Name of practice, the project’s name, location, client, dates for the commencement and completion of construction and contract value
    • A concise 100-250 word description of the project, conveying the challenge of the brief, the design intent, and key facts
    • As many photographs, sketches and/or visualisations as you feel appropriate
    • At least one plan and one section drawing

Click here to view the 2014 categories.